It's not easy being a boutique food importer from Singapore.

It's not easy being a boutique food importer from Singapore.

First, your truffle hunting family partners insist on wining and dining you at quaint Istrian countryside restaurants. Then they feed you not one, but two gigantic omelettes each with a different type of fresh black winter truffles.

As you go down the coast to visit a master prosciutto maker at this home, he rolls out not just the best part of his famous prosciutto, but also pancetta cut into chunky cubes (a.k.a. Croatian Haribo), his home-made olive oil, three different varieties of garlic, and a delicious vinegar made from Maraska cherries grown in his orchard.

Next his buddy, the cheese maker, takes you on a tour of his cheese aging cellar and shows you a 3,000-year-old method of making cheese inside a sheepskin sack that has remained unchanged since the time of the Illyrians. Stay tuned for some developments on the Illyrian cheese front soon.

And last, but not least, you show up in the picturesque coastal town of Zadar and it turns out they are hosting their third Sushi Festival (yes, Sushi Festival). So for the next three days a horde of Japanese sushi chefs from around the world slices up freshly caught tuna from the Adriatic and feeds you otoro by the pound.

As we said, it’s not easy being a boutique food importer. But we endure it all for you so you can enjoy some new food finds from the Adriatic. Below are a few we’re most excited about and will be testing out at the market. We hope you’ll join us this Saturday at PasarBella.

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