We’re now available at TASTE @ Raffles Holland V

Hi there,

We understand not everybody is able to get to our products all the time.

For those suffering from cyberphobia, the fear or aversion to computers or new technologies, our web store or HonestBee may not work so well. On the other hand, fundophobia, the fear of farms, might be preventing you from finding us at the various farmers’ markets around Singapore. And if you’re afflicted by tavernaphobia, the fear of going to a bar, you can’t even try our award-winning Pag Cheese on the charcuterie boards at Employees Only.

But, fear not, we’re now available at TASTE, the awesome new gastro-grocer concept from the good folks at Swiss Butchery. Check out a full range of our salts, cheeses, and figs at their Holland Village store opening today.

Raffles @ Holland V 118 Holland Avenue
Basement 1

Open 8am to 10pm

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