Xmas Gift Sets

Here at The Adriatic Pantry we’re big fans of science. So now that the holiday gift giving season is upon us, we turned to evolutionary anthropology for inspiration.

True supportive, reciprocal friendships are crucial to our physical and mental well-being. However, maintaining friendships requires effort and, importantly, brainpower which is limited. Based on the work of British anthropologist Robin Dunbar in the 1990s we now know that brain size across species is very closely related to social group size. This is the famous Dunbar's Number that states humans can comfortably maintain only up to 150 stable friendships.

Of course, not all of these 150 friendships are created equal. It turns out friendships exist in layers, roughly following a rule of threes. We start with five closest friends, then the next 15, the next 50, and the next 150. Beyond that we also have a layer of acquaintances of about 500, and perhaps another layer of 1,500 people whose face we can put a name to. These proportions turn out to be spookily accurate in predicting sizes of communities, cities, military units and so on, but we digress.

In an attempt to be helpful we’ve put together a few anthropologically-appropriate gift sets to cater to your different groups of friends. They're available online and at our pop-up hut at the Christmas Wonderland at the Gardens by the Bay.

Wishing you (and your friends) all the best for the holidays,
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