Chiavalon Organic EVOO
Chiavalon Organic EVOO
Chiavalon Organic EVOO
Chiavalon Organic EVOO
Chiavalon Organic EVOO

Chiavalon Organic EVOO

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Intense but balanced signature organic blend by the Chiavalon brothers 

If there is one oil to start your EVOO journey with, this is it. Its intense green color,  rich texture, and balanced aromas and flavors make a super-versatile addition to many dishes, or simply for dipping bread and being transported to the olive orchards of Istria. 

Look out for notes of of wild chicory, green apple, artichoke, freshly cut green grass and tomato, as well as rich balsamic notes of mint, rosemary and sage, with a distinct almond note.


How to enjoy it

This oil pairs perfectly with mixed vegetable salads, legume hors d'oeuvres, mushroom soups, shellfish, grilled fish, marinated or grilled tuna, red and white meat and various cheeses. We recommend it with all types of pasta and risotto. It may also be served with dessert, preferably vanilla ice cream or chocolate cakes.


Who makes it

The Chiavalon brothers from the town of Vodnjan in Istria, where they've made a name for themselves and won more awards than we can count.


For the EVOO nerds

Region: Istria
Place of production: Vodnjan
Altitude: 80 – 180 m.a.s.l.
Type: Blend
Olive varieties: Vodnjan Buža, Crnica, Istrian Bjelica, Rožinjola and Moražola
Harvesting method: Combined; hand picked and using hand-held pneumatic branch shakers
Harvesting period: October
Processing method: Continuous cycle, 2 phases, processed immediately after harvesting
Processing temperature: Max 24°C


Size: 250ml