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Istarska Bjelica Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Istarska Bjelica Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil


97-point olive oil perfect for pairing with mature cheeses and chocolate desserts

Istarska Bjelica (the Istrian White Olive) is an old Istrian sort of outstanding quality; golden green in color, with a scent of mown grass, pronouncedly bitter and spicy, it has the taste of green olive fruit, almond, wild asparagus and radicchio.

How to enjoy it

The oil adds particular charm and full taste to marinated mushrooms with lemon. It is also perfect with mature cheeses, such as extra old Pag cheese or parmigiano reggiano.

Add this wonderful oil as a topping to chocolate ice cream or mousse, or over a dark chocolate and hazelnut cake and the result will be a very special dessert, blending the bitterness of oil with the bittersweet chocolate flavor in an enchanting and stimulating delicacy.


97 Points, Flos Olei 2016
Gold Medal, Olive Japan 2016

Who makes it

The Belić family from the town of Rabac in Istria, where they also run a mean food pairing tasting in their scenic olive grove.


Istrian White olives, hand picked and cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting

Size: 100ml