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Paški Sir: World's best sheep cheese ❤️

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Voted world's best sheep cheese at the 2019 Global Cheese Awards


The island of Pag has a long tradition of cheese and is home to an indigenous breed of sheep who graze on pastures filled with highly aromatic sage. This gives their milk a unique taste which then in turn permeates the taste of Pag cheese.

This is the younger, milder Pag cheese that is aged for 6 months, turned and oiled by hand along the way to give it a yellowish creamy colour with farmhouse aromas, and a well balanced texture and taste.

How to enjoy it

Young Pag cheese is semi-hard in texture, pairing exceptionally well with red wine and is best served cut in triangles at room temperature. Goes well with charcuterie, olives, as well as chutneys and jams, pairing particularly well with fig jam.


Best sheep milk cheese, Global Cheese Awards 2019
World's best sheep milk cheese, World Cheese Awards 2017
Europe's best sheep milk cheese, World Cheese Awards 2016
Super Gold Medal, World Cheese Awards

Who makes it

Paska Sirana (the Pag Cheese Co-Op) which has united sheep herding families on Pag Island for 70 years.


100% sheep milk from Pag island, cheese culture, calcium, rennet, sea salt

Size: 200g