Belić Frantoio EVOO
Belić Frantoio EVOO
Belić Frantoio EVOO

Belić Frantoio EVOO

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98-point olive oil from the Flos Olei 2021 Farm of the Year

Light green in color, with a scent and dominating taste of fresh olive fruit, almond and aromatic herbs. Moderately bitter, with a strong peperoncino spiciness.

How to enjoy it

Best added to meals with robust and intense flavors, such as truffles, steak, venison, foie gras, mature cheese or wild asparagus. Great with almond and walnut cakes.

Who makes it

The Belić family, consistently ranked as one of the best EVOO producers in the world and famous for their exceptional range of monovarietal oils.

For the EVOO nerds

Region: Istria
Place of production: Fažana
Type: Monovarietal
Olive varieties: Frantoio
Harvesting method: Hand picked
Harvesting period: October 2021

Size: 250ml

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