Kriz Plavac Mali 2018

Kriz Plavac Mali 2018
Kriz Plavac Mali 2018
Kriz Plavac Mali 2018
Kriz Plavac Mali 2018
Kriz Plavac Mali 2018
Kriz Plavac Mali 2018

Kriz Plavac Mali 2018

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“We drink, not like those winemakers who only spin the wine three times in the glass!” - Denis Bogoevic

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, boysenberry, black pepper, cherry, salt, herbs



During last year’s trip to Croatia, we heard whispers of a young winemaker pioneering natural wines in a remote village on Peljesac, Croatia’s most famous wine making region. We knew we had to seek him out, and several unreturned phone calls and emails later, decided to try our luck and just show up.

As the roads got smaller and smaller, and the dry-stone terrace walls tighter and tighter (which our car, fortunately a rental, can testify to!) we knew we must be getting closer. There, in front of his 500-year old house, was Denis Bogoevic hanging out with his father Mile and a couple of friends, blasting the White Stripes on vinyl. Without missing a beat, he invited us in, sat us at the kitchen table, and poured us some of his biodynamic Plavac Mali. We were instantly hooked.

Denis describes his wine as “Peljesac in a bottle”, and we couldn’t agree more. The result is a big, beautiful, full-bodied red that is both rich and approachable yet not jammy. The soil and vines are treated by hand, without the use of harmful chemicals. The approach to wine production is ecological, using only natural yeasts that are preserved in the soil and in the grapes themselves. All in all, the perfect introduction to Croatian wine, Peljesac and the plavac mali grape.


Food pairing

Grilled fish and meat, aged sheep cheese like our XO Pag Cheese and of course Dalmatian prosciutto if you know where to find it.


The Winemaker

Denis is a refreshing contradiction: a hipster looking guy who makes wine according to unflinching 500-year-old traditions. He is committed to the lowest possible intervention in his winemaking and farming only optimal certified organic Plavac Mali grapes.


The Vineyards

Two (yes two) hectares of family vineyards with southern exposure in the Prizdrina village and Postup position on the Peljesac peninsula. Extremely difficult, rocky terrain with a slope of up to 45 degrees cultivated naturally by hand.


The Grapes

Plavac Mali, or “little blue grape” in Croatian, is a progeny of the ancestral Zinfandel grape native to Croatia. It is exceptionally well adapted to the very hot Mediterranean climate and miserly soil; making it much sought after for robust, flavorful wines that are high in alcohol, tannins, and have excellent aging capabilities. If you’re starting to get to know Croatian wines, this grape should be on the top of your list.


For the wine geeks

Category: Red
Region: Pelješac (pe-le-shatz) Peninsula, Croatia
Vintage: 2016
Cellaring: 2022
Preservatives: None
ABV: 15%
Blend Info: 100% Organic Plavac Mali (pla-vatz ma-li)
Serving Temp: 18°C
Size: 750ml
Production: 2,000 bottles

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