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Nin Fleur de Sel

Nin Fleur de Sel


"Caviar of salt” hand-harvested from the Adriatic sea

Flower of salt is the thin layer of fine salt flakes similar to flower petals rising to the surface of the salt pan. It can only form under specific weather conditions and is hand-harvested early in the morning and late in the evening when the wind abates.

How to enjoy it

A few crystals of flower of salt (or "fleur de sel") sprinkled over salads, vegetables or any warm dish add a burst of flavor that will pamper gourmet palates in a unique way. 

Because of its delicate nature it melts quickly and should be added right before serving, particularly on warm dishes as a finishing salt. Its is also very well suited for desserts such as salted caramels and ice cream.

Who makes it

Solana Nin, a 1500-year-old salt works run by the Oštrić family in the town of Nin.


Hand-harvested flower of salt including 75 naturally occuring essential minerals

Size: 125g