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Truffle Lover Set

Truffle Lover Set



This is one for the truffle lover in your life.

A collection of our most popular truffle products:

Tartufata Gourmet Truffle Spread
Mix of black truffles, mushrooms and olives perfect for spreads and pastas.

White Truffle Paté
Creamy and complex, perfect for risottos and pastas.

Salt with Black Truffles
Rich flavor great for eggs, potatoes, and buttered popcorn.

Sliced Istrian Black Summer Truffles
Nutty, earthy taste perfect for omelettes, pastas and meats.

Sliced Istrian White Spring Truffles
Sharp taste great for creamy pasta dishes and meats.

Acacia Honey with White Truffles
Drizzle over your cheese or roast and watch them become BFFs.


Who makes it

The Karlić family, third generation truffle hunters from the Motovun forest region of Istria.

How to enjoy it

Comes with recipe suggestions so you can create a truffle feast.