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Let’s get this straight, do people really name their children after your wines?

Yes, isn’t that amazing!? There is a girl named after our wine Dita. It’s an unbelievable feeling and great responsibility to make wine, because you participate in life and love, friendships and achievements, sorrows and celebrations. But this is something special, beyond all emotions.


“It is a great responsibility to make wine, because you participate in life and love, friendships and achievements, sorrows and celebrations.”





Bosso, the handsome guy smiling from your Plavac with a mischievous grin, looks like quite a character. What is his story?

Bosso is my great grandfather. Actually his nickname was Bosso. He is the one to “blame” for our path today. The interesting thing is that he had three daughters and my grandmother inherited the vineyard. My grandfather then worked in the vineyard and I have to say he was great winegrower, and he passed on his knowledge to my brother and me.

Long story short, my grandparents also had 3 daughters, and my mother inherited the vineyard when marrying my father. And here we are today, when we inherited those 4000 vines, the emotions and passion drove us to grow the vineyard. Today we count 70,000 vines, each and every one planted by us, my father, brother my wife and me.





How did you decide to go beyond Plavac and Pošip, and plant international varieties on Brač island?

At first, it was part curiosity, part vineyard location, plus we wondered will Plavac Mali get more elegance with Syrah for example. We started with planting a small number of vines and we were more than happy with the results. Today, most of our vineyard consists of indigenous varieties Plavac Mali, Pošip and Kuč, there is around 20 percent of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.





What should wine drinkers in Singapore know about the terroir of Brač and look for in your wines?

Brač is rocky, dry, and covered in Mediterranean herbs and sea salt ... the moment you think of that image you know wines are high on extracts, they are a bit wild as well, tannins add to the story of our stubborn and strong temperament, dry fruit talks of the sun and warmth, minerality makes it all juicy, and you can feel the colder nights through the elegant balance of it all.

“The higher altitude of Brač makes it distinct from the other islands along the Adriatic. Maybe you can feel the colder nights through the balance in our wines.”





We understand you have a reputation as a great cook. What are your favorite food pairings for Dita and Bosso?

Thank you for the compliment! Cooking is my passion ... I believe it comes naturally when surrounded with wines and the amazing world of gastronomy. I don’t want to overcomplicate this and will say I would always choose some traditional Pašticada (slowly cooked beef in wine with, prunes, pancetta and root vegetables) and gnocchi with Bosso, as well as lamb stews, lamb on a spit or good steak on a grill.

My favorite pairing for Dita is either well matured steak or simply good rich cheese, made with sheep milk from Brač if possible ;)))




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Senjković Bosso 2017

Senjković Dita 2016

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