Weekends are for Podcasts 🎙️

In our household, weekends are for relaxation, at least after last minute deliveries, inventory checks and blog posts are done. And what better way to relax than zone out for a bit with a good podcast.

There is just something soothing about taking a break from the visual assault of our Instagram culture and being transported back to a pure oral world. Being enveloped by sound because, as Marshall McLuhan used to say, we simply are not equipped with earlids.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, we have 16 minutes of audio for you where Money FM’s Elliott Danker interviews us on all things Adriatic Pantry.

How did the business start? Who is really the boss? How do you properly taste olive oil? Are we opening a bricks and mortar store? What truffle product is crack for Singaporeans? Check, check, check, check and check. Give it a listen here.

Before you hit play though, might we suggest pairing the podcast with a few light bites of our ready to eat Istrian white truffle pate on crackers (Ritz is perfectly ghetto fabulous!) and a glass of Piquentum Malvazija from the same region. Get them both and delivery is free.


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