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Sliced Istrian Black Summer Truffles

Sliced Istrian Black Summer Truffles


Nutty earthy taste perfect for omelettes, pastas and meats.

An essential ingredient in fine dining, truffles have the power to transform a simple home chef into a gastronomic powerhouse. Our finely sliced black truffles preserve the nutty, earthy aroma that characterizes the black summer truffle.

How to enjoy it

Sliced black truffles should be eaten cooked with a short cooking time in pastas and risottos. One 30g jar will generously flavor 2-3 servings of pasta or omelette. Their wonderful flavor is released and intensified by heat and tends to pair well with earthy aged red wines.


Millionaire's Spaghetti

Who makes it

The Karlić family, third generation truffle hunters from the Motovun forest region of Istria. If you come for a visit, they'll even take you on a truffle hunt with their specially trained dogs.


Black truffles (Tuber aestivum) 65%, extra virgin olive oil, salt 

Size: 30g