Truffle & Olive Tapenade
Truffle & Olive Tapenade
Truffle & Olive Tapenade

Truffle & Olive Tapenade

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Ready-to-eat spread of black truffles and olives perfect for finger food.

Istrian summer black truffles are combined with black olives for ready-to-eat spread that gives you that summer taste of the Adriatic.

How to enjoy it

Spread it on toasted bread for a delicious truffle bruschetta, or add it to any polenta dish and let it work its dark truffle magic.


Black olives 79%, extra virgin olive oil, black olives, sunflower oil, black truffles (Tuber Aestivum) 4%, salt

Size: 90g

Truffle Bruschetta 🥖

A well-kept secret ripe for discovery.

New York Times

Istria is the new Shangri-La for truffle lovers.

Straits Times

Premier truffle region

Third generation truffle hunters

Expertly chosen pieces


Truffle 101

Understand key truffle varieties across seasons, how to choose the right ones for you, and make the most out of them in the kitchen.

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